Navajo Yei Design Basket by Artist Anna Gray SWT-1118
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Authentic Navajo Handwoven Yei Basket by Weaver Anna Gray SWT-1118 INCLUDES SHIPPING

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This wonderful authentic Navajo handwoven basket by Weaver Anna Gray features a Yei Design. There are 2 larger Yeis, North and South, and 3 Yeis each on East and West. The Yei is a mythical figure that symbolizes various healing powers.

Yei, also known as *Yei Bi Chi, is known as a holy figure in the Navajo culture. Yei”s are the supernatural beings that allow communication between the Navajo people and their Gods. One Navajo artist says, “They are the keepers of the door to the other world.”

Materials & Measurements:

  • Beargrass
  • This basket measures approximately 13" by 15"



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