Close-up photo of sculpture to show the details of the texture and blue, purple and gold colors.

Customer Service

Return Policy

  • All items must be returned or exchanged within 7 days. After 7 days all sales are final. All returns/exchanges must be accompanied by the original receipt.
  • If you have a problem with your jewelry (stone loose/missing, broken chain, etc.) please see the REPAIR POLICY-JEWELRY section below.
  • If the items are returned in good condition, we will exchange the item, refund your money (within 7 days of purchase), or issue store credit.
  • If you are shipping your return back to us, you must call us or email us at for approval.
  • Please use these addresses for returns/repairs:
    • Post Office – Arlene’s, P.O. Box 340, Tombstone, AZ 85638
    • UPS/FedEx – Arlene’s, 415 E. Allen St., Tombstone, AZ 85638
  • If you have any problems after 7 days, we will work with you as best we can. We want to have satisfied customers.
  • There is a 20% restocking fee for all items/transactions returned over $100.00
  • No artwork returns/exchanges after 48 hours from purchase

Repair Policy - Jewelry

  • We only repair jewelry that is purchased from us.
  • If you need a repair within 60 days of purchase, there is NO CHARGE.
  • If you need repair after 60 days, there is a minimum charge of $30.00.
  • If you need to ship us your repair, please include the following:
    • Name, address, email, phone number, copy of original receipt, and description of the repair needed.
  • Please use the addresses in the RETURN POLICY section for your shipping.
  • We recommend sending your repairs with tracking and insurance in case of loss during shipping.
  • Repairs can take 3-8 weeks, as we send repairs back to artisans for repair.

Jewelry Care

  • Sterling silver and gold jewelry with semi-precious stones (like turquoise) should be polished by hand with a silver polishing cloth. We recommend Hagerty Silversmiths Spray polish. We sell the polish, as well as the Hagerty polishing cloths. DO NOT PLACE YOUR JEWELRY (WITH STONES) IN JEWELRY CLEANING SOLUTION OR A SONIC CLEANER.
  • An old (soft) toothbrush and plain toothpaste (not gel) works as well.
  • If you are not wearing your sterling jewelry often, keep it in a Ziploc bag. Also, if you place a small piece of anti-tarnish paper in the bag, this will slow down the oxidation process. You can find these at and Michael’s.
  • Jewelry cleaning solutions are great for plain silver or gold jewelry (like chains, for example).
  • Check your settings of individual stones, occasionally, take a nickel and roll it along the bezel to reshape the sterling around the stone.

Other Care Tips

  • NEVER put water in Native American pottery. It is made to be decorative only
  • Sandpaintings-Never place in direct sunlight. Use feather duster to remove excess dust. Do this lightly!
  • Lucite sculptures-A soft cloth is fine. The cloth can be slightly damp, and use a mild soap solution (Ivory liquid). DO NOT USE WINDEX OR OTHER CLEANING SOLUTION.