Bilson Kee is a Navajo sandpainting artist from the Four Corners area of New Mexico. He was born in Arizona to his weaver mother and silversmith/sculptor father. Kee, along with 11 of his siblings, all grew up to be artists of some form or another. He is well known in Native American Art for his unique Contemporary technique of mixing sand and acrylic paint together. This technique creates a 3D effect that makes his paintings feel more real, as if he chiseled the petroglyphs out of the cave wall and framed it. With this creative technique, Kee is able to produce the distinctive Anasazi pottery and scenes from his Diné homeland that he is so well known for. His 3D sandpainting's and distinguished style have become increasingly popular.

  To his delight, his four children have also shown some interest in carrying on the family craft trade.