Born in Hermosa Beach, Ca, Jeanne was interested in creating and designing art from a very young age. Jeanne began designing her own greeting cards at the age of 3. Over the years, Jeanne found herself most often designing, painting, and selling handmade cards to local stores. 

           Dana was born in Los Angeles. His passion began in photography and darkroom work in elementary school. The two artists, Jeanne and Dana, met in 1980 and made a life of traveling and selling handmade silk-screened greeting cards. 

           In the early 2000's Jeanne Dana Studios was created and they began to create cast paper sculptures and paper Mâché art from the old greeting card scraps. Plaster was eventually added to the paper castings to make them more durable. The couple also started incorporating novel coloring and waterproofing techniques to improve longevity of their pieces of art. Over the years, they have replaced paper with more advanced natural materials. 

         After spending 30 years participating in over 3000 art shows all over the world, Jeanne passed away in the winter of 2022. Dana continues to create unique pieces of art and sells them in only certain chosen galleries and shops.