NEVER put water in Native American pottery. It is made to be decorative only. Feather dust lightly to remove dust.


Never place in direct sunlight. Use feather duster to remove excess dust. Do this lightly!

Lucite Sculptures- 

A soft cloth is fine. The cloth can be slightly damp, and use a mild soap solution (Ivory liquid). DO NOT USE WINDEX OR OTHER CLEANING SOLUTION.

Navajo Rugs-

Normal vacuum cleaning will keep a Navajo rug in good condition for years. Even an occasional cleaning with a beater brush vacuum (Hoover, Kirby, etc.) will not reduce the rug's life expectancy'.  After each vacuuming, reverse the rug or turn end for end to insure even wear. Never wash your Navajo rug. If it becomes soiled, take it to a reputable dry cleaner with experience in wool rugs.

Kachina Dolls-

Kachinas require little care other then an occasional (gentle) dusting. Never wash them or even wipe with a damp cloth. Older carvings that appear soiled or dirty, should be left as they are to maintain their value. All Kachinas are fragile. It is best to hold a Kachina from its base or most solid part. Avoid touching the detail pieces.  Always handle with care and display out of harms way.