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Authentic Navajo "Eagle" Pot by Artist Paul Lansing SWT-0023

Authentic Navajo "Eagle" Pot by Artist Paul Lansing SWT-0023

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This gorgeous Eagle vase is done by Navajo Artist, Paul Lansing Jr. He has designed, hand-etched, carved & painted this piece. Paul is a Navajo artist born of the Folded Arm People Clan and born for the Towering House People Clan. Native American Pottery comes in all styles and this piece is definitely unique. The artist has created this wonderful piece of art with a lot of detail. The detailed etching shows many Native Indian Symbols on the back and the centerpiece is an incredible Eagle. The eagle is believed to be a connection with the divine, a soaring spirit that transcends personal problems, creator, teacher, and great integrity. There are trees and a horse & rider also. Done in earth tones with that regal white head of the eagle. The detail and design are gorgeous! He has signed the piece on the bottom.

Materials & Measurements 

  • The Pot is approximately 3" T x 2 1/2" in Diameter
  • Mouth opening 1 1/4" Diameter
  • Greenware
  • Paint

(This Vase is not meant to hold water or any liquid due to its porous nature)

(Color and Matrix may vary due to monitor settings, lighting and natural properties of each paint color)

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