Black Marble Owl Zuni Fetish by Derrick Kaamasee SWT-0095


This authentic Black Marble Owl Zuni Fetish was crafted by the artist Derrick Kaamasee. This Owl has a jet black marble as the fetish base with inlaid turquoise eyes. A quaint carving to add to your collection, this little owl is the perfect guardian for any space. 

The Black Marble Owl Zuni Fetish represents Wisdom, Patience, and Mental Endurance. The Native Americans believed the Owl can control the darker sides of nature as well as being the keeper of night. The Owl can see what others cannot and provides the essence of true wisdom and may symbolize deception in certain cases. With this owl, you will have a wise companion wherever you may travel. 

Materials & Measurements:

  • Authentic Black Marble with inlaid Turquoise Stones
  • The Owl weighs approximately 0.6 oz
  • The Owl measures approximately 1.3" tall by 1.2" wide by 0.4" depth

(Color and Matrix may vary due to monitor settings, lighting and natural properties of each paint color)