Navajo Handwoven Turtle Basket By Peggy Black SWT-0036


14" Handwoven authentic Navajo handwoven Basket By Weaver Peggy Black.

Turtle Legend

From Kicking Rock Monster came to Turtle and Alligator; bad children from a destructive and evil father. The Hero Twins arrived to put down the murderous threesome but mercifully allowed them the opportunity to clean up their act or face the consequences. Kicking Rock Monster chose to do battle and paid with his life. Alligator chose to consider the possibilities and exited the Southwest for the swamps. Turtle turned over a new leaf and became medicinally beneficial to mankind. 

Turtle is considered medicinal and beneficial to man by the authority of Monster Slayer and Born For Water. The Hero Twins of the Navajo allowed this creature the opportunity to alter its errant ways and learn to aid human health and well-being. With the use of sumac, which contains similar healing properties, the artists recreate the image of this, now sacred being into basket form, thus gaining all associated benefits. A healthy respect for plant and animal life can only prove positive for those who practice and believe. 

A turtle stands for medicine, health and moisture.

Turtle, the son of Kicking Rock Monster, has become essential to Navajo healing ceremonies and therefore an important figure in the history of this enduring tribe.  Turtle is immortal.