Serpentine Horned Toad Zuni Fetish by Calvert Bowamie SWT-0093


 This genuine Serpentine Stone Zuni Fetish Horned Toad was hand-carved by the artist Calvert Bowamie. This Horned Toad has a multilayered green Serpentine Base with inlaid turquoise eyes. This elegant creature stands tall and proud.

The Horned Toad Zuni Fetish represents Self-Reliance, and Longevity. The Native Americans believed the Toad protects ancestral bounty. Which means the blessings and karma that is passed down are eternally protected by this fetish. If you wish to have a guardian figurine it would be wise to add this Horned Toad to your collection.  

Materials & Measurements:

  • Authentic Layered Green Serpentine and small Turquoise inlaid stones 
  • The Turtle weighs approximately 1.1 oz
  • The Turtle measures approximately 1.2" tall by 1.3" wide by 0.5" depth

(Color and Matrix may vary due to monitor settings, lighting and natural properties of each paint color)