Jon Anderson is an Arizona born artist who specializes in Fimo creations, a process he has come to perfect. Fimo is when different blocks of clay are laid out next to each other, starting at the center of the design and working outwards. These blocks of hand pressed clay are stretched, folded, and cut in half over and over. The cross section of these blocks are the size of a small coin. These "coins" are then sliced extremely thin using a surgical scalpel. These intricate and tiny tiles are hand pressed onto a handmade animal form, cured and fired for hours. After firing is complete, they are cooled and hand sanded to achieve a perfect sheen of smoothness and uniqueness. The tedious process of creating Fimo pieces sets Jon's art apart from possibly any other kind of art you will ever encounter, making these masterpieces one of a kind. Studying first at Universidad de las Americas, then continuing on to Texas A&M where he received his Master's Degree. Jon is quite accomplished at his various crafts of painting, sculpting and jewelry design. Throughout the years he has traveled from Central America to the Far East, living with diverse cultural groups and learning their techniques. You'll notice the influences of classical Moorish motifs, Native American spirit figures, ancient petroglyphs and many more in his designs. No two pieces are alike, making them highly desirable and collectable.