Native American Zuni Artists Octavius & Irma Seowtewa Needle and Petit Point Designs


     Octavius and Irma Seowtewa, are a Native American couple from the Zuni tribe in New Mexico. They both specialize in hand making needle and petit point jewelry and accessories. Needle point are gems that have been cut down to thin and straight pieces, while petit point are gems that have been cut down to either round, oval, square, or rectangular pieces. In the end, once they have been cut down into these small delicate pieces, they are set tightly grouped together, thus creating a variety of beautiful designs. They both come from a big family of artists. Octavius was taught this beautiful trade by his mother, Odelle Seowtewa. Both, Octavius and Irma, are well known award winning artists and even have an exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum.