Bucking Horse Zuni Fetish by Fernando Laiwekete SWT-0091


Spiny This authentic hand-carved Zuni Bucking Horse Fetish is by Artist Fernando Laiwekete. This horse has a dappled stone base with Turquoise Inlaid Eyes and a Turquoise "Spirit Offering" tied on top of a Spiny Oyster Shell Saddle. There is also a small section of twine to tie the Turquoise bead to the saddle. The equine is carved in a bucking motion as if it was trying to send the offering to the stars. 

The Horse Zuni Fetish represents swiftness, strength, and enlightenment. Native Americans believed this fetish to possess healing powers that could grant the user good health if carried regularly. The most significant cause to carve a horse would be as an offering to other tribes as a protection for the various herds that roamed with the people. If you want to achieve your potential it may be a great idea to add this Horse Zuni to your collection. 

Materials & Measurements:

  • Authentic Stone with Turquoise parts and a Spiny Oyster Shell piece
  • The Bucking Horse weighs approximately 1.2 oz
  • The Bucking Horse measures approximately 2.1" tall by 2.8" wide by 0.5" depth

(Color and Matrix may vary due to monitor settings, lighting and natural properties of each paint color)