Petosky Stone Grizzly Bear Zuni Fetish by Farlan Quam SWT-0094


This genuine Petosky Grizzly Bear was crafted by the artist Farlan Quam. This Grizzly Bear has a dappled gray-brown Petosky Stone as the fetish base with inlaid turquoise eyes. A "Spirit Offering" of turquoise and onyx beads are elegantly wrapped with twine around the Bear's waist. This beautiful sculpture is an excellent feature in any collection.

The Grizzly Bear Zuni Fetish represents Strength, Introspection, and the Power of the Soul. The Native Americans believed the Bear lightens emotional burdens. Which means the challenges you face are not as heavy when having this piece in your home.  The Bear represents the western direction in a protective and healing set. Overall this Zuni Fetish is meant to empower those who need help adapting to unforeseen circumstances. 

Materials & Measurements:

  • Authentic Petosky Stone with inlaid Turquoise Eyes and Beads of Turquoise and Onyx
  • The Grizzly weighs approximately 3.3 oz
  • The Grizzly measures approximately 2.3" tall by 2.8" wide by 0.5" depth

(Color and Matrix may vary due to monitor settings, lighting and natural properties of each paint color)