Tohono O' Odham Small Handwoven Basket by Fred and Della Cruz SWT-0088


The Tohono O' Odham Small Vase is an open basket vase handcrafted by Fred and Della Cruz. The Native Americans worked diligently on creating these art pieces for daily use and decoration. This product is a worthwhile addition to any room.

Materials & Measurements:

  • This basket is approximately  2 1/5" Width by 2" Height by 2 1/8" Depth
  • The item weighs 1.1 oz
  • The Basket consists of two parts; the Warp and the Weft.
  • The Warp is made out of Beargrass and is the Inner Coil of the Basket.
  • The Weft can be harvested from Soaptree Yucca Cactus(green and white), Pods of Devil's Claw(black), or the roots of the Banana Yucca Cactus(red)